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I kick the 1, 2 like kung fu
Leave wack MCs with nowhere to run to
Lyrics so chill they turn my tongue blue
Looks like your drunk crew hung you out to dry
While you tried to detox, I beatboxed and swung thru
With rhymes on vines like Tarzan in the jungle
The rest ran or clung to my nuts cuz I got guts
Yo whatchuwando?
I'ma win the fight, don't have to punch you
Here's a little French:
Parlez Vous? O Mon Dieu

Uh oh Uh oh Uh oh...

I got swagger like Stagger Lee
Braggers be mad at me
Call me faggoty, doesn't rattle me
I'm fresh and clean, you're raggedy
Tried attackin me, blue and blackened me
But you lack faculties and I bounce back like Maccabees
We got ourselves a rivalry like Hackensack and Tea-
Neck 1989, packin gats and weed
Back then me was a lickle brat, but see?
Now you're mackin me
Jonesin for my rap like Crack-Crack-Crackity

[Shout out to the Pixies!]

Uh oh Uh oh Uh oh...


OK now, how we gonna salvage this?
How bout this... you could be my pal but just
Keep your mouth shut and ditch those savages
They got you up a creek paddle-less
Addled up, saddled up, bickering, thinking you need to challenge us
I'm not into fences, everybody's down with us:
Communist to Calvinist, even some capitalists
Let's rally quick, tally people:
Thousands of kids...
Just like John Lennon said, "Imagine it."

Uh oh Uh oh Uh oh...


from The Bischoffs LP, released February 18, 2013
Produced by Jeff Lipstein. Written by David Heatley. ©2013 all rights reserved. Performed by The Bischoffs and Jeff Lipstein. Recorded and mixed by Matt Malikowski at Dimension Sound Studios (Boston). Additional recording by Jeff Lipstein at Moses Lipstein-Bell Studios (NYC). Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA. Assistant Mastering Engineer: Maria Rice

Jeff Lipstein on keyboards, synthesizers, beat programming.
Dana Lyn on violin.




The Bischoffs New York, New York

Named after a legendary home town ice cream parlor, The Bischoffs consists of 4 Teaneck High School alumni who have known each for almost 20 years: Amit Wehle, Aaron Wolfe, Jacob White and songwriter David Heatley. The band prides itself on their raw, portable sound and the wide ranging style of songs in their repertoire—equal parts hip hop, punk and “anti- folk." Photo: Jonathan Elderfield. ... more

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